Rain Water Harvesting

Oil / Water Separators

oil/water separator

Oil Sep 1

  • Auto shut off valve
  • Oil skimming pipe
  • Oil storage sump
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EcoSep® is the only high efficiency oil water separator providing independent (full size) testing certificates for each single model size, ensuring proper oil water separation and capture of sediments based on physical principles.

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ecoSorp is a hydrocarbon adsorbing system designed to remove small amounts of light liquids from the effluent.

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ecoTop is an above grade oil/water separator that produces consistently superior removal efficiencies for effluent oil content in a portable stainless steel vessel.

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ecoline b


The ecoLine-b oil/water separator is designed to separate non-emulsified light liquids or low-water-soluble fluids with a specific gravity below 0.95 (gasoline, diesel, heating oils and other mineral oils) from effluent discharge.

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