• Alltrap EngineeringWe Offer a Wide Range of Oil / Water Separators, Grease Traps and Rain Water Harvesting Systems
  • Oil SeparatorsOil/Water Separators typically for vehicle wash bays, workshop wash down area`s, mining plant and equipment cleaning areas
  • Rain Water HarvestingSave up to 50% of your mains water cost with innovative rainwater harvesting
  • Industrial ProcessWe offer Treatment of industrial process waste water as well as from oil reclamation plants.
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AllTrap Engineering cc design and manufacture a range of oil / water separators and allied products.

About us

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Alltrap Engineering is a multi-faceted engineering company. Specializing in stainless steel, Alltrap supplies a wide range of locally manufactured oil/water separators for the motor related industry, grease traps for the hospitality industry, floor drains in both stainless steel and HDPE as well as manhole covers and frames. Proudly the sole distributors of Ecotechnic Austria products in Africa, importing European standard oil separators, grease traps and rain water harvesting systems.

Our local factory is able to fabricate products to your design.Read More »

Oil / Water Separators

oil separators

Alltrap Engineering cc design and manufacture a range of oil/water separators, and allied products, typically for vehicle wash bays, workshop wash down area's, mining plant and equipment cleaning areas,and comply with all SANS/SABS codes of practiceRead More »

Ecotechnic Products

Ecotechnic Products

Alltrap Engineering cc are the sole supplier on the African continent of the Austrian manufactured `Ecotechnic` range of separators ecoSep®is the only high efficiency oil water separator providing independent (full size) testing certificates for each single model size, ensuring proper oil water separation and capture of sediments based on physical principles. The ecoSep® coalescing oil water separator exceeds the European Standards (EN858 and DIN 1999) for the separation of free non-emulsified oil from water (5ppm separation ratios).Read More »

Oil Pollution

Oil Pollution

Did you know that one single oil droplet can contaminate one hundred liters of pure drinking water? With Ecostop, spill control is safer than ever before.Read More »