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Oil Separator Operation


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First stage

Inlet sump/sand trap 300/600 is the first stage of the oil separation process. Installed upstream (before) grit trap and oil separator. It is designed to collect and catch solids with a specific gravity of over 1. The inlet sump has a removable Basket and mentis grate cover with a 100mm ID outlet connection. To clean sump, remove basket with accumulated solids and discard accordingly.

Second stage

The grit trap removes solids from the influent, thus ensuring unimpeded functioning of the oil separator itself. The grit trap is the second stage of the separation process. The inlet apron guarantees an optimum usage of the retention time in the system. It works against the formation of so called “Eddy-currents“ and thus enables maximum solids separation. The grit chamber also compensates for influent temperature fluctuations, influent oil concentration influxes and initializes the separation of light fluids. A perforated 90-degree outlet tube retains floating solids from entering the separation chamber.

Final stage

The oil/water separator is designed to separate non-emulsified light liquids or low-water-soluble fluids with a specific gravity below 0.95 (gasoline, diesel, heating oils and other mineral oils) from effluent discharge. A two-step separation process, gravity separation and removal of small oil particles by coalescing media elements, produce high removal efficiencies. Also included is a shut off valve, this floats in water and sinks in oil. Therefore closing the system if oil content is too high.

Coalescing Media

In the residual oil media, fine droplets, that are too small to be separated by gravity alone are accumulated into bigger drops that rise to the surface. This coalescing media is made of reticular (i.e. “net-like“) soft polyurethane foam. The media-cartridge is very easy to lift out and reinstall once it is cleaned/rinsed with a garden hose.

Oil Separator Operation 5