Rain Water Harvesting

Recessed Manhole Double Seal

Light duty floor access covers

Typical floor finishes

Ceramic tiles, marble, terrazzo, concrete, resin   paving


The size, depth and weight of the Floor Access Cover makes it suitable for a diversity of applications. Can be used in pedestrian-only areas in residential, commercial and public spaces where easy access to concealed under-floor services is required.


Sealed manhole cover for added odour control.

Solid steel base plate.

Types of cover   frames

  • Single seal cover and frame
  • Double seal cover and frame
  • Recessed cover and frame
  • Hinged cover and frame
  • Standard solid cover and frame


  • 304 S/Steel
  • 316 S/Steel
  • 3CR12 S/Steel
  • Mild Steel
recessed-manhole double seal recessed manhole double seal recessed manhole double seal