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Alltrap Engineering

is a multi-faceted engineering company, specializing in stainless steel. We supply a wide range of locally manufactured oil/water separators for the motor related industry, grease traps for the hospitality industry, floor drains in both stainless steel and HDPE as well as manhole covers and frames.

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Proudly the sole distributors of Ecotechnic Austria products in Africa, importing European standard oil separators and grease traps.

Why Choose Us!
We sell only environmental friendly grease management solutions

  • Good product range - a wide variety of quality products
  • Product performance - efficient, effective and built for a long lifespan
  • Build quality – specially & carefully selected materials made by skilled craftsmen
  • Customer service - swift and welcoming service
  • Design service – a good combination of experience and flair
  • Innovation – advanced creative solutions
  • Price – we help you not compromise quality while you keep to your budget
  • Value – satisfying cost-effective products

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