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We design, manufacture & sell our products direct (no middle men) and this is not the only range of diverse products we deal in, we specialize in waste water management, it is all we do, that’s who we are, that’s our DNA and experts are always at hand.

We sell only Environmentally Friendly Grease Management Solutions

  • Good product range - a wide variety of quality products
  • Product performance - efficient, effective and built for a long lifespan
  • Build quality – specially & carefully selected materials made by skilled craftsmen
  • Customer service - swift and welcoming service
  • Design service – a good combination of experience and flair
  • Innovation – advanced creative solutions
  • Price – we help you not compromise quality while you keep to your budget
  • Value – satisfying cost-effective products

A high-quality product will last you longer, and will spread its cost over many years of service. Our products are specially designed & specified with greater marketable performance in mind, and not price points; this is why we can safely assure you that our pricing is not only competitive but value for money too.

Service Standards

Best quality products. Best quality service.

Every customer matters to us, and we make sure that every customer gets the same high standard of attention no matter what the size of business they bring. We are here to help while we build long lasting relationships, be free to contact us to discuss any aspect of our products, before or after you buy. We have a variety of customers, ranging from domestic kitchens to food processing factories, and they all agree that our traps are designed to provide years of trouble-free service.

We value our customers and we always want to give them the best that they deserve, therefore we manage every deal with an eye on excellence for all.

If there is a problem or you have a suggestion, let us know - your opinion matters to us.

Lower in maintenance and more efficient compared to traditional grease traps

Traditional grease traps need emptying on a regular basis; so that makes them require high amounts of outside maintenance. These traps are filled with a mixture of food particles & grease. Since the traps are filled with these contaminants the discharge water quality reduces. Alltrap traps however can be self-maintained, as majority of the traps contents (solidified grease and food particles) are detached by the filtration basket. The filtered surface oil & fat left-overs can then be easily removed manually with a jug. The outcome is an incessant higher quality water discharge.

Stainless Steel Built to Last

Alltrap traps are manufactured from high grade rust free stainless steel. Stainless steel is highly irrepressible and will not crack, distort or leak when faced with extreme high and low temperatures from water discharged from commercial sinks & dishwashers, unlike the average plastics and epoxy painted mild steel.

Alltrap traps are strong enough to take the daily knocks & predicaments of a commercial kitchen environment; they are fitted with a removable 304 grade stainless steel filter which is chemical resistant and will not tear with sharp objects such as broken glass & cutlery.

Enzyme dosing not necessary

Be aware of claims that enzymes will fully consume grease, we believe that adding hot soapy water can be just as effective. Enzymes systems are luxurious and only effective when dosed into grease traps.

Reasonable Sizing

Alltrap traps are practically sized for maximum grease retention time. Retention time is the time which grease will rise to the surface, which can only be achieved by adequate sizing. Fitting an undersized grease trap will not allow grease time to rise & settle, and may also result in building inspectors rejecting the trap.

Easy to inspect

An open out-let compartment ensures the operator & water company inspectors can at all times easily see the outlet water quality.

Effortless installation

Our traps are delivered fully assembled and are easy to install; you just link the pipe run from the sinks and dishwasher to the trap inlet, then pipe the trap outlet directly to drain.

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