Grit Tank 600 - Sludge Trap

Product Description

  • Manufactured from stainless steel
  • Inlet/Outlet 100 mm
  • Size (L) X (W) X (H) = 1000 mm X 600 mm X 1000 mm
  • S/steel 2 mm
  • Material 304 or 430 Stainless steel
  • Gravity separation
  • 600 Liters (Tank Volume)

Product Uses

Transportation Gasoline stations, car wash and repair workshops Industrial process waste water Oil production, oil-removal plants

The upstream grit chamber removes solids from the influent, thus ensuring unimpeded functioning of the oil separator itself. The grit trap is the second stage of a three stage design. The inlet apron guarantees an optimum usage of the retention time in the system. It works against the formation of so called “Eddy-currents“ and thus enables maximum solids separation. The grit chamber also compensates for influent temperature fluctuations, influent oil concentration influxes and initializes the separation of light fluids.

Product Drawing

grit tank 600 drawing #1 rit tank 600 #2
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