Grade : 304, 316 or 3CR12 S/Steel -
Manhole Cover & Frame

Product Description

  • Stainless steel covers are available in grade 304, 316 or 3CR12 as a completely stainless finish or a simple stainless steel edge
  • Easy lifting: Lift manhole with keys Included
  • Application: Suitable for private and public areas such as office building reception halls, hotel corridors and supermarket floors where an enhanced aesthetic floor finish is of primary importance

Types of Cover & Frames

  • Single seal cover and frame
  • Double seal cover and frame
  • Recessed cover and frame
  • Hinged cover and frame
  • Standard solid cover and frame
manhole cover


  • 304 S/Steel
  • 316 S/Steel
  • 3CR12 S/Steel
  • Mild Steel

Product Drawing

manhole cover #1 manhole cover #2 manhole cover #3 manhole cover #4
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